Surfing Cronulla


Explore a mosaic of surf breaks lining the breathtaking Bate Bay coastline, delivering an unparalleled range of experiences for surfers of every skill level. From gentle beach breaks catering to beginners to challenging reef breaks like Shark Island for the seasoned pros, Cronulla unfolds a spectrum of surfing opportunities.

Key Surfing Spots

Comprises of predominate left hand reef break of world class standard that can hold massive south swells. 

The main beach break in the area at North Cronulla beach and the natural rip that occurs at the southern end of the beach makes for consistent sand banks and quality beach break waves. It can get really busy out here so be prepared for a bit of hassling.

The birthplace of modern surfing in Cronulla now 50 years ago. The point is one of the only waves in the area that is protected from southerly winds which is a real bonus throughout winter but can get really crowded.

Draws the world’s elite body boarders each year for the Human Shark Island Challenge. It’s not recommended you paddle out here at all unless you are an advanced surfer, instead watch the locals take it on from the safety of the esplanade. For the record the Island breaks best on a high tide with a south swell. Best to start your paddle out to the Island from Blackwood’s Beach.

A little jewel on our southern peninsula and provides surfers with a short sharp right hander. It got its name because the surf pioneers of the 1960s, in the days before leg-ropes, wore sandshoes when they surfed because the place is ripe with sea urchins. Works best on a north swell.

The Prince Street sea wall, better known as ‘the wall’ is one of the most accessible, historic and iconic spots for surfers of all abilities. It has lots of parking at the north end and close enough to walk from the train station. This is one of the most popular spots and you can check the conditions without even getting out of your car.

For the adventurous surfer looking to escape the crowds, Green Hills is for you. Protected from the northerly winds and gets all of the southern swell. A great place to check when the conditions are small. 

Located on the southern side of Shelly Beach, it’s a swell magnet although it lives up to it’s name and best surfed early mornings before the wind gets up. A family favourite with Shelly Beach rockpool, playground, toilets and cafe all nearby.


Other Surf Breaks

  • Kurnell Point
  • Cape Solander (Ours)
  • Suck Rock
  • Boat Harbour and Merries Reefs
  • Elouera
  • North Cronulla

Surfing Lessons

To experience the thrill of riding a wave you can take surfing lessons with Cronulla Surfing Academy.  

Cronulla’s beaches are patrolled by both Sutherland Shire Council professional lifeguards and volunteer lifesavers, click here for patrol times.

Sutherland Shire Council runs Surf Education Courses for local and South-Western Sydney schools, click here for details.

Want to check the surf without leaving home? View the live Web Cams for North Cronulla and Wanda and Shark Island here

For an up to date local surf report click here.