Cronulla Ocean Pools

62 Prince Street, Cronulla, New South Wales, 2230

Located on a rocky platform between Cronulla Beach and North Cronulla Beach, North Cronulla Rock Pool is the northernmost of two ocean baths in Cronulla. North Cronulla Rock Pool is the smaller of the two pools and, at low tide, is shallow enough to wade through, making it ideal for those looking for a relaxed dip rather than a swim.

Cronulla Beach rock pool, on the other hand, is a full-sized, eight-lane pool that is perfect for swimming laps right next to the ocean. Both rock pools can be found just a short walk from Cronulla train station, making these Sydney’s most accessible ocean baths for those travelling via public transport. Enjoy a coffee after your dip in the rock pools, or take in Cronulla’s scenery with a leisurely stroll along The Esplanade.


Family Friendly, Swimming Pool