Lake Eckersley picnic area

Pipeline trail, Heathcote, New South Wales, 2233

If you love the idea of a bush picnic, you’ll enjoy a day trip to Lake Eckersley picnic area in Heathcote National Park. Although it’s only an hour’s drive from Sydney, you’ll feel worlds away surrounded by native vegetation at this secluded lakeside spot.

Picnic by the water’s edge as you take in the sight of the lake before cooling off with a freshwater dip. If you love to bushwalk, there are a multitude of tracks to choose from, including nearby Bullawarring walking track and Pipeline trail.

Heathcote National Park is a vehicle-free area so you can only access the picnic area by foot. Reaching the site involves quite a long walk, so be sure to take a Heathcote National Park map and plenty of water with you.


Non Smoking, Picnic Area