Towra Beach

Kurnell, New South Wales, 2231

A honeycomb-coloured stretch of sand surrounding a wildlife reserve, Towra Beach is wonderfully unassuming and a great place to escape from the crowds.

16km south west of Sydney, Towra Beach’s mix of protected wetlands, sand flats and seagrass can only be reached by boat or paddling. More than likely, you’ll enjoy this tranquil beach on your own, so pack a picnic or build a sandcastle by its calm waters. Any visitors will mostly be of the winged kind; rare migrating birds wade the coastline.

Why not visit during summer and stay for sunset? The silhouettes of Captain Cook’s and Tom Ugly’s bridges standing tall in the fading orange light is something you’ll remember long after the sun disappears. For another view of the nature reserve stop at Quibray Bay viewing platform on the way home.


Non Smoking